Soup, cheesecake and bread sales are back!!

We will be selling soup, cheesecake and bread the first Sunday of every month. This will be at noon at the church. The tables will be set up in the fireside room as they always were. Please socially distance when you come to buy, and wear a mask. No change will be provided, so bring exact money or a check made out to the church. Someone will be there at a distance to monitor the sale. Bring your own bag if you want to have them in a bag. Prices will be as follows:

Soup, quart $8 Pint. $4
Regular size cheesecakes $10
Variety pack of small pieces $10
Smalle4 cheesecakes and variety packs. $8
Bread. $5 a loaf

We have some items left from spring. Donations will be requested for those items.