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posted Nov 13, 2014, 12:41 PM by Underwood Baptist Church

Two weeks ago, several of us shared a soup dinner and a wonderful discussion about faith. We will continue our Sabbatical Dinner Series on Wednesday, Nov 19th and will once again use the Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue model to further our exploration of the first in a series of three questions: Why did we come to this faith?


Please join us! There is no cost to attend. You are welcome to bring a dish to share with others, but this is not necessary. Please RSVP to Jan Schneider at jjcmcm1(at)gmail.com to help us plan.


Sabbatical times offer an opportunity for growth and restoration of spirit. Just as this is a time for reflection and renewal for Pastor Jamie, it is also an opportunity for the church, for us as a congregation, to refresh, to reinvigorate, and to strengthen our ministry.


There are 3 periods when Pastor Jamie is away, and we propose the following themes for reflection and consideration for each of these periods of Pastor Jamie’s sabbatical. We will reach out to various clergy and lay people to help us more deeply explore the following:

1.  Why did we come to this faith?

2.  What keeps us in this faith?

3.  How do we go out and serve the wider community, the world outside our walls?


This is a wonderful time to reflect on our own beliefs, to think about what we want from church, to explore this with others and also to get to know each other better.  Please join us!