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posted Dec 17, 2014, 12:41 PM by Underwood Baptist Church



Pastor Jamie will take the second portion of her sabbatical after Christmas, during the months of January and February. As you know, sabbatical times offer an opportunity for growth and restoration of spirit. Just as this is a time for reflection and renewal for Pastor Jamie, it is also an opportunity for the church (us) to refresh, to reinvigorate, and to strengthen our ministry. 

The following three themes, one for each of Jamie’s sabbatical times, are ideas to explore:  

1.    Why did we come to this faith?

2.    What keeps us in this faith?

3.    How do we go out and serve the wider community, the world outside our walls?

We have reached out to someone to help us more deeply explore the second one, ‘What keeps us in this faith?’

It is with much warmth and enthusiasm that we welcome Garrett Zambrows. He has happily agreed to be Underwood’s “Missionary-in-Residence” for 6 weeks during January and February.   He will walk with us and talk with us.  We’ve asked him to commit about 10-15 hours of service per week. Some of the ways that Garrett will walk and talk with us include the following; He will teach an adult ed. class on Sunday mornings, worship with us on Sundays and guide a discussion/study on Wednesday evenings.  

One of Garrett’s passions is to raise awareness regarding human trafficking. Perhaps he will facilitate a discussion/presentation for us during his time as our ‘missionary-in-residence. Following is a brief bio of Garrett.

Garrett Zambrows, 27, is the founder of Riding Against Traffic, a cycling ministry that raises community awareness regarding human trafficking and funds counter-trafficking initiatives both globally and domestically.  In 2013, Garrett rode his bicycle 8000 miles around the US to speak with communities about human trafficking.  Through this experience, he learned that having a discussion can only go so far, so he has launched a new initiative, Church of Jericho, aimed at helping churches better serve their communities.  Garrett believes the source of human trafficking traces back to desperation.  It is his mission to help others address sources of desperation.

Garrett is currently serving the community of First Baptist Church of Syracuse, NY as the Youth Spiritual Guide. 

Garrett is very excited for this opportunity!  We are too. Please let’s welcome Garrett with open arms and hearts! 

Thank you,

Pastoral Relations and Ministry Council