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Squinting on the Shore

posted Oct 18, 2012, 8:40 AM by Jamie Washam

Squinting on the Shore

Vision Update:       What can we see from here?


          We are beginning to see the fruits of our labor. In June, members of the church met together for an intense day of looking honestly at where we’d come from, and where we wanted to go, as a church. We thought and prayed, remembered and dreamt, sifted sorted, and arrived at six principle directions. We determined together that we aim to:

1.    Foster a spirit of ongoing and consistent service for all and from all in our church, city and world.

2.   To grow and maintain our social, learning and musical opportunities for all ages

3.   Be financially secure church that lives/acts with a spirit of abundance

4.   Update/improve our physical environment to enhance experience of church and reduce costs

5.   Increase awareness of our history/legacy among our members; bring what’s inside the walls outside

6.     Have a plan for attracting and retaining a diverse membership


Over the summer, groups met to discern and imagine what it would be like if these ideals were already realized. They named and identified specific things that could help bring us closer to the vision. We met back together at the end of the summer. We collected all the ideas, arranged them: long-term, short-term, low-hanging fruit, and put them out for people to sign up to work on each one. We agreed, going in, that not everything would get done. An idea may be remarkable, but if no one volunteers or steps up to make it happen, then it won’t get done.

Signs have been up for a month, and already several have come down. The work has been done. The seeds we planted are beginning to bear fruit. I look forward to seeing where we continue to grow into God’s vision together. Many thanks for all of what has and will be done.




Pastor Jamie