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Resolution '11

posted Dec 21, 2010, 2:50 PM by Jamie Washam

A friend recently sent me this online. I found it inspirational, and hope you will, too.

Resolution ’11–it’s pretty simple, really. Some of us began to have a conversation about New Year’s resolutions. We realized that almost all of the resolutions we’ve made over the years have been self-serving or self-improving. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to lose ten pounds, save $1000 a month, or quit smoking…but what if we focused that energy, that attention, on resolutions that are outwardly focused?

What if we made resolutions that were about serving and caring for others? And what if we challenged those around us to make similar resolutions?

Resolution ’11 is at its core a public challenge to individuals and groups to make commitments to causes and issues that are close to their hearts. One might make a resolution to volunteer at a homeless shelter once a month because homelessness and poverty are important issues to them. Another person might decide to become a Big Brother or Big Sister because they can remember a mentor that invested in their life years ago. Still another may resolve to participate in a local run to raise funds for cancer research because they have lost a loved one. Someone who’s been thinking about it might resolve that this is the year they will begin the adoption process and change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Not everyone has the time or the resources to physically go out and serve, and so a resolution might be to pray or mediate daily for earthquake victims in Haiti or for children orphaned because of AIDS. Or one might resolve to donate 1% of their monthly salary to an international or local service organization.

The possibilities are endless, but don’t get lost in them–let’s do something. Your investment of time, thought, resource and love can bring about real change in the world. You have the power to change one life even now. Let’s resolve to do so this next year.