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Report from Pastor Jamie’s Sabbatical, first portion

posted Dec 17, 2014, 10:05 AM by Jamie Washam

Report from Pastor Jamie’s Sabbatical, first portion


Greetings, Church! It is good to be back, for a little while, from the first part of our sabbatical time.  The first portion flew by quickly, but I was able to do much of what I hoped. It took some time to readjust to a different pace both coming in and out; I see now why sabbaticals often happen all at one time.  

During this time, I was able to:

 finish a Halloween costume for a little boy;

spend some quiet time in Green Lake during the first cold snap, writing and working on my dissertation;

experience some days in Boston with former classmates for our annual clergy accountability time;

 travel slowly down the East Coast, visiting long-time friends and family;

ride the train back to Milwaukee after Thanksgiving in Texas;

 and jump into December on our return.


Thank you, again, for this time. After Christmas, Jideobi and I will join NJ in Nigeria for my father-in-law’s funeral service. We return in the new year, and to the middle portion of this sabbatical time. Garrett Zambrows, our missionary-in-residence arrives at the start of the new year. I will travel to the Netherlands for a month to meet with my academic advisors, and to continue working on my research and dissertation.  The days are full and good.

It is exciting to hear about your congregational sabbatical dinners and conversations. I know you will continue to use this time well, and will be blessed and challenged by having Garrett here with you. 

As always, you stay in my prayers and thoughts.




Pastor Jamie