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posted Oct 29, 2013, 11:37 AM by Jamie Washam

Autumn is fully upon us, and with it, the season for gathering in, and preparing for the winter to come. Many thanks to all who joined in the canning party we had after church a few weeks ago.  Sue, Claire, Pat R., Marilyn, Rick M., Jody, and our junior partners, Oliver and Jideobi worked to turn pumpkins, apples, carrots and ground cherries into pickles, pie fillings and jams.  A particular satisfaction comes in preparing and ordering food for future enjoyment. Even the word, preserves, hints at what is happening, pre-serve, to serve in advance. Laying up stores for leaner times is not unlike the work we do as a church at this time of year. Each autumn, we work to prepare a budget for the coming year, and members and friends pledge their support for the future. In its own way, these pledges are forms of pre-serving, committing in advance to serve and uphold the church and its missions with your gifts of time and money.

When you offer your pledges of support, it is like filling jars with months of sunshine and rain, setting aside during times of abundance for the sparer months to come.  Opening a jar of cherries or salsa in February offers reminders of summer’s bounty and promises us that winter is not interminable. Warmth and plenty will return. Gathering in the gifts throughout the year are fulfillments of your promises to participate in the service of God and the world through this church, and receiving them is as sweet as the taste of a summer raspberry in the midst of winter’s desolate chill. For the bounty of the garden and for the abundant generosity of you, God’s people, we give thanks.