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Prayer for an Open

posted Dec 8, 2012, 12:01 PM by Jamie Washam

Prayer for an Open Heart

By Rick Mehl

God grant me the honesty and courage to come before you in prayer with a fully open heart. Let me speak of my wounds, my hurts, my anxieties, my complaints, my bad habits, my needs, and also that I have been sinned against by others.

Knowing that you care for me, and that you already know my heart, help me to express my life to you as I experience it, feel it, and remember it, so that I do not deceive myself by attempting to deceive you, becoming of two minds. One mind blissed out on Jesus and the other silent one grumbling.

Assure me that you do, truly, take my plight seriously, even if you do not give me the answer that I so desperately seek.

Help me to continually give my sufferings to you… and let them go… that I may not dwell on them, and be consumed by them and hurt the people around me.

Help me to believe in your compassion and to live justly in an unjust world; though I am both an oppressor and the oppressed. Help me to see the progress of humanity as more important than the alleviation of my pain; the glorification of Your name as supremely important over and above the meaning that I find in my agenda.

Guide me away from the notion that I can thoroughly understand You and reduce You to a series of facts and thoughts, as well as reduce your will to a set of plans, and techniques. You will not be boxed in.

I have been born into a world that is in large part filled with the lost, and the fearful, and the wicked; into a society that demands much, and often seeks individual pleasure and diversion more than God or even the common good.

I have been given much and I wish to give in return. The path to do so has often been blocked and I am weary of trying to do what I perceive to be Your will. I tire of being a survivor. I tire of sin. I ask for serenity and more, I ask for a useful life.

I wish to be part of the solution. I ask for the courage to stand up to the force of evil; and to devote myself to You and the power of Your gospel.

For all those in need, including me, my family and ancestors, my friends, my home, my nation and the world, and my enemies, I ask these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.