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November Tidings

posted Nov 30, 2017, 10:20 AM by Kate Fields
Dear Beloved Church,

The Monday Night Bible Study recently gathered around the Stablehouse table to celebrate a Eucharistic Dinner! We brought food to share in addition to the Communion bread, and joined our prayers and blessings together as we created liturgy. As we were creating our liturgy, we spoke to the following prompts:

How have you experienced and known Christ?

In a world where you could believe many other stories or practice many other religious practices, what is it about Jesus that compels you?

And, how is the Gospel actually good news?

The liturgy we created around the gospel was rich, honest, and so meaningful. In mid-November on the 11th, we will again gather in the Stablehouse, and center ourselves around the table again as we explore different practices that have been a part of the Christian tradition for centuries. We gather to explore these practices, questions, and doubts in tandem with our Monday night and Tuesday morning bible studies, Sunday worship service, and Sunday School which explore scripture and its practical manifestations in daily life.

We also look outward to ask how we can join the work that God is already doing in our city. We continue to maintain a strong partnership with the Milwaukee Christian Center who journeys with folks through the multiple challenges of poverty. We continue to serve meals with St. Ben’s Community Meal program. We have joined with the American Baptist Home Mission Societies as American Baptists nationwide have committed to being present in every way that we can for our siblings affected by the ocean making its way into Puerto Rico. We have begun to welcome other nonprofits into our building to share our large space. And, we continue to partner with Tosa Together, a group dedicated to celebrating Tosa’s diversity through strategic antiracism work. What next? Will this mean that we join together with other faith communities in the Milwaukee area to pool our resources to declare Sanctuary?

Let us continue to dedicate ourselves to the Way of Love, down all of its turns of struggle, solidarity, joy-making, and resistance.

The good news is that Jesus is Lord and Caesar is not,

Pastor Kate