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May Tidings from PK

posted May 1, 2017, 2:51 PM by Kate Fields
Brave and Beautiful Underwood,

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is the freedom to be who they are. Many folks understand that to be love, and that is the kind of love I understand Underwood to embody. We are a church who creates space for folks to be who they are and a place that they may bring their joys, concerns, worship, questions, doubts, anxieties, fears, laugher, and elations. We are a place where folks can heal from prior negative faith community experiences. And we are a place where we ask God to be our Vision and our Foundation, and trust God to do just that.

That fact of the matter is that Underwood is a cool place, and I believe in us. As the new life of spring emerges while we celebrate Eastertide and our resurrected Lord, I hope we will keep an ear tuned to how Underwood is growing. May we grow in God, may we grow in the way of love, may we grow in number, may we grow in how we create spaces of peace and justice, may we grow in listening, may we grow in abundance and joy, and may we grow in being a community that continues to celebrate everyone here. Underwood grows by the work of each of our hands.

As creation around us grows, so too may we.

Thanks for all you do to make Underwood what it is. Oh the places we will grow!

Extend the invitation to folks you know and love who may be looking for a cool Baptist church to grow with.

Gardening together,