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May Tidings

posted Apr 22, 2015, 12:16 PM by Jamie Washam

The months of May and June will be the final sabbatical time for both pastor and church.  These months have been rich and meaningful for all of us. As your pastor, I’ve been able to rest and gain perspective on my ministry; as a church, you’ve been blessed by the presence and preaching of one another. Each of us has been reminded of what we already possess, and of the ways God blesses and works through each of us. The church worked with related themes during the sabbatical time: What brings us to our faith and to this place in particular? What keeps us in our faith and in this community? Where do we go from here? What are you hungry for and what feeds your spirit? As in the earlier sabbatical times, we will hear voices from the pews leading Sunday worship through prayer, presence, and proclamation. My deepest appreciation to each of you for taking this time seriously and with such generosity of spirit. Your efforts are already bearing good fruit. A determined contingent picked up the gauntlet that Garrett threw down during his time as our missionary-in-residence. He challenged us to become involved locally to work against human trafficking. (Read on in this issue of the Tidings to learn more about how our church is Walking Against Traffic.)  Regular community meals are planned for the warmer months to continue the conversation and work. Much good has been accomplished; we trust that as we are faithful, God will continue to work through each of us in the world.