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March 2017 Tidings from PK

posted Mar 14, 2017, 8:08 PM by Kate Fields
Dear Brave and Beautiful Church,

We have already arrived to the month of March! The coming of March means that we will have celebrated the last day of February, Fat Tuesday, with a Pancake Dinner with good food and good fellowship! Then we will begin Lent with a joint Ash Wednesday service. The service will be held in Underwood’s sanctuary on Wednesday, March 1st at 7pm, and will be in collaboration with Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church. We will not only be administering ashes, but we will also be serving Communion. Please make plans to come that evening as a way to center yourself for the Lenten season. If you cannot make the service, you may see me on the corner of Tosa Village with the Tosa Clergy Group participating in Ashes-To-Go!

Ash Wednesday is one of the best liturgical days to remember that you are a part of the earth… that you came from the dust and that you will return to dust. Death does not have to be a frightening entity; rather, it is the part of life that helps us live fully, and it marks a transition into another realm of God.

I am so excited about this Lenten season. The theme in worship and Sunday School will be What It Means to Be Baptist. We should be so, so, so proud that we are Baptists! As Baptists, we have a cool and intense history of dissent. So we will focus quite a lot on dissent and how it helps us understand our identity as a Baptist Church today. We will sing songs of protest from various civil rights movements in worship; we will talk about the four freedoms that Baptists ascribe to; we will learn about the history of the Anabaptist movement and how we came to be; we will explore our Baptist affiliations that we are members of; and we will hear from Underwooders about what it means to them to be Baptist.

This is a season in our church life that you do not want to miss. Make plans to join us for Lent to prepare yourself for Easter. I hope at the end, we will be busting our buttons with Baptist pride!

Pastor Kate (PK)