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June 2018 Tidings

posted May 29, 2018, 1:24 PM by Kate Fields
Dear Underwood,

Spring has finally arrived in all of her glory! The Bleeding Hearts, violets, irises, and milkweed are all coming up around Underwood, and from them, we realize our connectedness to those Underwooders who planted these beautiful, glorious blooms for us to enjoy each spring! Soon the raised beds will be readied for new vegetation and we will be able to plant and eat the fruit of Underwood’s soil. How could we be more connected to the land upon which Underwood resides than that?!

Soon our students will be dismissed from the 2017-2018 school year and a long-awaited summertime break will commence! Music and cultural festivals down at the lake will take up our weekends as we enjoy every second of warmth! The fast pace of life will hopefully slow a bit as the heat comes.

Here at Underwood, our Sunday School also takes a break for the summer… so too does our Choir and Handbells. It is a good chance to breathe in the breath of sabbath.

Unfortunately, however, Underwood’s attendance in the summer historically takes a plummet. This is hard on us as a community in both our spirits, bodies, and finances. I want to encourage us as congregation to continue to commit to doing community together in attending events and worship, visioning together about Underwood’s future, praying & caring for one another, giving financially, giving through service, and just hanging out with each other for fun summertime activities!

The work continues in the summer, and I ask us to stay committed to it. Something beautiful comes out of continually showing up,

In faithfulness and love,