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God & the Taxidermist

posted Aug 21, 2012, 1:20 PM by Jamie Washam



“In order to live by the Word we must believe the Word is living. Instead, we are always looking to close the canon on God's mission in the world. We want all of our revelation in the past tense, behind us where we can look at it. We want a God who can be sent to the taxidermist and then proudly mounted on the wall. Yes, the eyes may seem to follow you across the room, but rest assured, the beast is truly dead.

To believe or even assume that God is living and active in our world is to believe that God is not finished with any of us.” 


~ Rev. Mary W. Anderson[1]




            Do you truly believe that God is still at work in the world, or do you merely give this notion lip-service? Would you welcome or recoil from a God of surprises? What would it take to recognize that the changes God instigates are not only in the world around us, but also in the heart within us? In this sense, God is ever unknowable, unpredictable, not “safe” in a way that can be contained or controlled.

            God isn’t finished with any one of us. This is both elating and unnerving. What are the implications of this? Where are you being called to conversion, to change? What is stirring with life that you might you have written off as dead?

            When Moses asked who he should say sent him, the reply was “I-Will-Be-What-I-Will-Be.” Yahweh.  Not, “I-Was-What-I-Was” or even merely “I-am-What-I-Am.” 

Our is a God who is and has and will be.

God is not done, God is not yet done. Praises be.






Pastor Jamie

[1] The Christian Century,  September 23, 2008, p. 22.