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Courtyard Chapel

posted May 18, 2011, 8:44 AM by Jamie Washam

We are blessed at Underwood with not only a beautiful building, but also lovely outdoor spaces. Nestled between the back of the church and the Stable House is hidden gem. Many passersby never even notice the courtyard tucked away behind the building; it is something of a ‘secret garden.’ The gnarly old Scottish Pine anchors the space, and it provides a cool retreat from the bustle of Wauwatosa Avenue year round.

                Early in the spring, the ground becomes a blue carpet when the scilla creep into bloom, later in the summer, the pine, coupled with the neighbor’s mighty tree, form a lofty green canopy. We’ve been known to hold summer soirees out there, enjoying the warmth and the occasional sparking firefly. In the fall, the trees drop a thick layer of leaves and needles that will slowly compost into the next year’s fecundity. Winter brings a dazzling display of untouched snow and massive icicles that refract the cold sun like crystal prisms.

It has been our practice for some years now to regularly worship outdoors in this natural sanctuary when the weather permits. Mark your calendars now to join us this summer for worship in the courtyard on June 12, July 10, August 14, and September 11.