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April 2018 Tidings

posted May 29, 2018, 1:21 PM by Kate Fields
Dear Church of the People,
Underwood is a community who creates liturgy together both in our worship service and in the life of our community.
In our Sunday worship, we speak together a Call to Worship, call out joys and concerns in Prayers of the People, asking God for mercy in pain and joy; we sing hymns, and join our voices collectively to breathe the Lord’s Prayer into being in our worship.
In other words, week in and week out, we create liturgy.

Liturgy means “the work of the people” — as Baptists we are particularly inclined to lean into the work of liturgy– the work of public worship in rituals of faith. Liturgy is so full of grace because we take the work of our hands and see that it becomes infused with the mystery of the grace of God. We do this every week, over and over, because in doing it, we develop faithfulness like calluses on our hands. The hands become strong and they remember, especially in the most difficult of times, who God is and what God has done.
The work of liturgy does not belong to the pastor. It belongs to the Church.
So too is our visioning work.

Like liturgy, the work of Underwood’s visioning is the work of the people. In tandem with the spring season, we see emergent new life in the form of new faces in our sanctuary, more diverse and frequent social media, reconfiguring the way we do the work of justice and peace in the world, a soon-to-come new website, partnering with other faith communities in our city to worship and serve, and continued intentional conversation of how Underwood’s building can be a place of sanctuary and Underwood church can continue to be people who put feet to their faith.

So much is on the horizon. But the work of visioning is ours to hold. The power to change and grow is in the people who create liturgy together.

Come, be an active part of this. It will change you. It will change us.

It is the work of the people,