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2011 Lenten Discussion

posted Feb 23, 2011, 10:20 AM by Jamie Washam

What does our faith have to do with our daily living? Does being a part of this church have any effect on our thinking or behavior? What holds us together as a community? Years before I came to pastor Underwood, members of the church created a set of “Bedrock Beliefs” for the Underwood family. (True to Baptist form, some wondered if it were really appropriate for Baptists to claim any set of beliefs as bedrock. The question still resonates for many.)

During this season on lent, I invite you to join a Wednesday evening discussion on these “Bedrock Beliefs.” They once served our community well. Do they still hold true for us? If so, let us redouble our efforts in living them out. If not, what shifted, and why? Where, then do we find ourselves?

Be prepared for conversations that deep and challenging. Be ready to examine your faith and practice, and the witness of this community.

Discussions will take place on Wednesday evening during Lent (March 16 – April 13), at 7 pm, following a simple shared meal at 6.  See you there.