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Habitat Drop Off Box

Underwood is pleased to offer a Habitat Drop Off Box just outside our church. Details for the "Recycle That" program are below.

        Habitat for Humanity/Recycle That

The Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a resale store and donation center dedicated to repurposing usable home improvement supplies and furnishings.  The ReStore accepts donations from individuals and businesses of new and used materials, and then resells them at a fraction of the cost to the general public at 3014 N. 114th, Wauwatosa.  Proceeds from the sales directly benefit Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, which has built 467 new affordable homes for low-income families in the Milwaukee community.  The ReStore keeps over 700,000 pounds of usable materials out of landfills each year, all the while providing affordable home improvement supplies  for the general public.  Please check out www.milwaukeerestore.org or call 414-257-9078 for more information.

Recycle That connects communities to recycling by encouraging the reuse and re-purposing of its goods.   Recycle That is a for-profit business that offers non-profit organizations and community groups an easy, no cost, no risk fundraising program that pays for each item delivered to a Recycle That donation center or dropped in a Recycle That collection box

Recycle That is committed to the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Many items, particularly clothing, can be REUSED, either in current condition or after minor repairs.  Items that cannot be reused can often be RECYCLED for further use, such as re-purposing garments into wiping clothes for industrial use.  Items that cannot be reused or recycled can be REDUCED to a raw material. 

Whatever your motivation, delivering your unwanted, unused and outdated clothing, shoes, books, CDs, and DVDs to a Habitat for Humanity donation center or a Habitat for Humanity/Recycle That collection box is good for the earth, good for the environment, and good for the greater Milwaukee area. 

Did you know?

      Thanks to you and countless others, Recycle That and its affiliates have recycled over 163,658,410 pounds of unused and unwanted items to date.

      Over 2.5 billion pounds of textile waste (clothing, shoes, purses, towels, etc) is diverted from landfills each year by recycling.

      Recycling has many green benefits compared with the original manufacturing process:

   Carbon Footprint Reduction

   Clean Air Preservation

   Reduced Energy Consumption

   Water and Woodland Conservation


What items can be dropped off at collection boxes?

Clothing, shoes, belts & purses, backpacks, fashion accessories such as hats, scarves and jewelry, bedding, bath and linens, books, CD's and DVD's.

What additional items are accepted at the Habitat ReStore and donation centers?

All items accepted at collection boxes plus dishes / glasses / bowls / platters, silverware / utensils / pots / pans, small appliances, hair dryers / curling irons / shavers, coffee makers / blenders / toasters, dolls / figurines, small toys and some sporting equipment such as balls / bats / gloves.

Is Recycle That a nonprofit organization?

Recycle That is a for-profit business.  Each collection box is associated with a Community Partner that is paid for items collected. 

Why should I give my items to you if you're a for-profit company?

The items are donated to Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity.  Recycle That offers an easy, no cost, no risk fundraising program that pays for each item delivered to the ReStore or donation center or dropped in a collection box.  In addition, Recycle That is able to find uses for your used items.  We provide a convenient way for you to recycle your items, giving them new life, rather than sending them to the landfill.

Are the items I drop into the collection box tax-deductible?

A Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity receipt showing your donation will be issued issued for items dropped off at the ReStore or donation center, same as for any donation at the ReStore. Please contact the ReStore for a receipt for any items dropped into a collection box.

What happens to the items you collect?

Items collected are sorted to determine the best possible use for each.  Approximately 80% of the clothing and accessories are in usable condition and are sent in bulk overseas and sometimes domestically for reuse.  Books, CD’s and DVD's in good condition are sent to the secondary book market for reuse.  Some items, including clothing, bedding, bath and linens, can be recycled for new uses such as industrial wipe cloths.  As a last resort, items can be recycled to recover the basic metals and fibers for use in newly manufactured products.